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Who is Mayweather trying to bullshit?

We all know Conor is younger and bigger. We have been saying that since this fight was made official. Does Floyd think that we are supposed to believe he just realized this? GTFO with that bullshit. I don't think these guys cold be more transparent if they had a script in front of them. As of right now there are a ton of tickets left over for this fight. Why? Because fans of both sports know it's a bullshit fight, and the filthy casuals that actually want to see this fight aren't dropping $1,600 on a damn ticket. Sure, some tickets were sold to people who just wanted to flash the fact that they were going to be there, but all those people are done buying tickets. Now you have to convince real fans with real money that this event is worth it. How do you do that? Have Floyd basically admit he might lose. So now people who have been laughing at the Great White Hype of Conor McGregor have to take pause to wonder if Floyd is in his own head. He isn't. Don't believe the hype. Floyd is a boxer and he knows how to win. Conor is not a boxer and won'tr defend the belts he already has. Stay Woke


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