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What will Conor v Mayweather cost you? here ya go.

So the numbers are in and it appears the Conor v Mayweather fight is gonna cost you exactly the same as the Mayweather v Paquiao fight: $89.99 for SD and $99.99 for HD. I'd love to express some kind of shock or disbelief, but the only thing I am shocked about is that it isn't more expensive. Rumors have been circulating as to why this fight is even happening. Why would Floyd agree to come out of retirement after 2 years and put his undefeated record on the line? Pride? Nah. the only thing that Floyd cares about more than keeping that 0 in his record is 0s in his bank. Now in 2016 Floyd was on the Forbes 40 under 40 list with an estimated net worth of 340 million dollars, but apparently that wasn't the whole story. Floyd, not unlike a lot of people that find themselves in the limelight with someone else handling their money, has not been paying Uncle Sam. I am certain he was getting notices in the mail, but I am also certain that he throws away any mail that isn't a Highlights magazine. In fact it is being reported that he had to file a petition to hold off on paying said taxes until after the Conor fight. Floyd has never lost a fight, but neither has Uncle Sam. Keep in mind the IRS were the ones who finally got to Al Capone. They even locked up Wesley Snipes, which I'm still bitter about because I wanted him to fight Joe Rogan at that time. Floyd is basically risking his 0 in the ring so he doesn't risk his O-ring in lock up. Either way, at this time it is still going down August 26th, will you be paying for it? It is estimated they will bring in 2-3 million PPV buys even at that price. That is a lot of Hook'd on Phonics for Floyd, and plenty of red panties for Conor. 

Aside form that, we have reports of Frank Mir getting released from his UFC contract. Even though he hasn't signed with anyone else at this time, he has stated that he would like a fight with The Last Emperor Fedor Emelianenko. Obviously in order for this to happen, Frank would need to sign with Bellator who seem to have no problem picking up where the UFC seems to be leaving off. Case in point would be Gegard Moussassi. Unlike Mir who lost his last fight, Moussasi has racked up 5 straight wins in the UFC with his last victory completing his contract obligations. So Mousassi is returning to Coker under the Bellator umbrella where he will be able to enjoy sponsorships and growing competition.

That's pretty much  all I have for you on this lovely Tuesday in July. Stay cool, and enjoy this video of Miesha Tate on Lake Mead that Dodge sent me today. Granted it's the same 4 clips over and over for a minute 45, but who cares? Cupcake. Cupcake is why Sploshing is a thing

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