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Welcome to the Circus.

This is all over the internet today. This is the suit Conor wore to the first press conference for Mayweather vs McGregor. Yes it says Fuck You in pin stripes. No, Floyd had no idea what it said until someone read it to him later. I'll post the video of the ridiculous presser that was over an hour long featuring a performance from Aloe Blacc at the end of this short, stupid, one sided blog. Basically, all you need to know is that Conor is better at talking shit than Floyd (Shocker), and Floyd is probably a little unfocused because the IRS is currently probing him like he was just abducted to their ship. People online seem to be surprised that Conor is taller than Floyd. Well guess what people? Conor is the all around bigger fighter here. Everyone on the Conor train is saying that he is going to win because of this fact, and that he is younger. I honestly can't believe how many people on my Facebook feed are buying into this hype. I also can't believe that the UFC banned Areil Helwani from the fight tour. Although I think it had something to do with Ariel calling out Dana for having Cyborg blocked on Social Media at a presser and then asked Dana publicly to unblock him, to which Dana refused. 

Now that is hilarious. He claims he didn't block Cyborg, and then has to ask for help from some lackey off stage because Uncle Dana doesn't understand technology. All around beautiful. Yeah, I am pretty sure Ariel was removed from the presser for making Dana look like an idiot. Anyway, here is the full press conference with Floyd and Conor. Enjoy.  

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