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Weekend MMA recap 07/08

What up kids! Bueller here. What a wild weekend of MMA it was huh? 

First up we had Gabi Garcia wind up with a NC after an illegal kick to her opponent Megumi Yabushita at Shoot Boxing Girls S Cup. I have no idea why Gabi was so keen on taking a 45 year old opponent on a 7 fight skid over Jazzy who has only lost 1 out of 2 MMA fights, and is visually more on her level, but I digress. It happened, now we can all move on. Gabi has her next MMA fight scheduled against 5'9, 225 lb boxer Oksana Gagloeva (Who is making her MMA debut) at the Rizin Grand Prix on July 30th. Gabi has a terrible chin, so if she wants to win this she will need to go for an ankle immediately. 

On Friday 07/07 we had TUF 25: Redemption finale. This was headlined by Michael Johnson and Justin Gaethje, but first your finale match up of Jesse Taylor vs Dhiego Lima. The last time we saw Jesse Taylor in the UFC was at UFC Fight Night 14 where he lost to CB Dollaway. Since then he has been all over the place including Dream, Strikeforce, WSOF, and various other leagues with acronyms that I don't know. Dhiego Lima last stepped in the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 66, where he lost in the very first round via TKO. Since then he has fought 3 times until Friday night. It didn't take long into the second round for Jesse to get a hold of Dhiego and put him in an RNC to end the fight and become your TUF 25 champion. Congrats and welcome back to Jesse. Now back to Michael and Justin. Justin was carrying with him a 17-0 record and the reigning 155 champ in WSOF where he defended his belt 5 times (ahem, Conor....). Michael is a UFC veteran boasting a 17-11 record coming into this fight, and IMO was a great way to test and welcome Gaethje into the octagon. In the end, this was a 2 round war. Every strike was considered significant, but it was Justin who was able to finally overpower Michael and walk away with a win. Justin is without a doubt going to be exciting to watch for as long as his head can continue to absorb punches. 

Saturday brought with it UFC 213. Obviously you already know that Amanda Nunes backed out of her main event fight due to sinusitis which moved Yoel Romero and Robert Whitaker into the main event. Uncle Dana was not too happy with this situation stating that Amanda will never headline a UFC again. UFC 213 was still pretty good, even though were a few fights short. Bobby Knuckles and Yoel Romero proved to be worth every minute of the 5 round war it turned out to be. In the end we had the fighters holding 2 rounds a piece heading into round 5. Yoel could not get a take down to save his life, and wound up using all his energy in attempts over the 25 minutes. Robert was able to take the last 90 seconds in dominant fashion and walk away with the interim Middleweight title, which Bisping was none too happy about. After Yoel talked a little bit of shit to The Count upon entering the ring, Bisping said something about Robert's belt being fake and then threw his own belt on the ground and left. It made zero sense, but Bisping usually doesn't anyway. So now we have Bisping facing Robert to unify the belts, which is the worst possible outcome for him honestly. The GSP fight is gone, which would have shown if 3 years off affected GSP's take down ability against someone with fantastic TDD. Yoel would have attempted the same with take downs and wrestling. Instead, Bisping is going to have to stand and defend, which is usually OK for the British points fighter, except Robert Whitaker connects and has power. Against GSP or Yoel, he could have sprawled and brawled all night, now he is looking at getting his eye knocked straight by the Australian. This is going to be Australia battling for reparations for Great Britain making them an exile penal colony. 

Anyway, thanks for reading. This was the first of hopefully many blogs. It was more of a test blog than anything else. Hopefully in the near future I can touch on things like the Nick Diaz suspension, Frank Mir getting released, Moussassi signing with Bellator, or any of the other stories out there. 



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