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Taco Bell fight. Who ya got?

What a ride! I had no idea what was happening at first, but then it all became pretty clear. What I am getting is that home boy in the jeans brought mom down to Taco Bell to settle a score with his former boss. This may seem like a pussy move, but any smart individual knows you don't fuck with a Latin woman. He basically brought an unstoppable force with him. She is throwing ices team containers everywhere, and the manager is powerless. He takes off his shirt and swear he is going to hit her, but he knows damn well if he does that then him mom will magically appear out of nowhere and beat his ass too. So while mom and manager are facing off in the kitchen, home boy in the jeans proceeds to try and call more home boys to come to the Taco Bell. Look man, bringing your mom was a bold move. Some may even call it a solid strategy, but if you AND your mom can't handle the situation then maybe it is time to pack it in. Then we have the real MVPs of the scenario, which are the other Taco Bell employees that continue to hook the drive through customers up with their Cheesey Gordita Crunches and Chalupa Supermes. Honestly, if I am on my 30 minute lunch break, all I want is my damn food. I don't care if Red Dawn is going down, just give me my Crunch Wrap Supreme and let me get back to work. So the manager takes off his shirt (bold move) and mom picks up a spatula, and just when it is about to go down the cops show up and call the fight. mom and Junior are now gonna go cool off in jail for a bit and realize what a huge mistake they made. Corporate is probably going to suspend the manager for violating the "No Shirt" policy, but in reality he just didn't want to rip his uniform and have to buy another one. I'm declaring this fight a no contest. 

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