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Me VS the home remodel

I know I am supposed to be blogging more, but I will be honest here; I am losing the battle with my home remodel. It is literally just sucking away at my will to live. I am not gonna sit here and bitch about everything that has gone wrong so far, or how much more money is being spent than planned, but just know it's plenty on both accounts. I really wanted this to be done before my kids got home next week, and that isn't gonna happen. Every day it's another uphill battle over carpet, or tile, or what stupid shower head goes in what bathroom, or what color grout we want. I just want a toilet that flushes, a shower that works, and a floor I can walk on. At this point I don't care of the carpet is hot pink and the faucet is a garden hose, I just want it over with. This has to be what Tonya Evinger felt like against Cyborg last week. I don't care how, just end it already.

That fight was hard to watch. I can't blame Cyborg for keeping it going for as long as she did. When she dropped Tonya with the very first punch of the fight, you kind of saw a little panic in her eye because she knew she needed some more screen time for people to really grasp who she is. We've known about Cyborg for quite a while, but even the house I was watching the UFC at had people convinced that Rhonda Rousey could beat her. People don't understand the sheer domination this woman has put forth in MMA for over a decade. She has 1 loss on her record and that was her very first fight. She has only been to decision twice in 20 fights, and the last time was in 2008. She has KO'd or TKO'd her last 13 opponents in a row. She is possibly the most dominant woman to ever fight in MMA, but instead I had to sit in a house full of filthy casuals saying that she would get smoked by Rhonda and making juvenile jokes about her appearance. I am possibly the most immature person on the planet, and even I am over those jokes. She is a fighter, and she is damn good at her craft. Will we ever see her fight Rousey? Probably not. According to Dana, Rhonda is probably done completely in MMA. Would I like to see that fight? Maybe. I'd prefer to have seen it 3 years ago. Now I really wouldn't want to hear the excuses people would make for Rhonda being in her own head. Cyborg beats peak Rhonda 10/10 times. Cyborg would do what Amanda Nunes did, but to prime Rhonda. I would put my house on that. Plus she trains with and is BFFs with the female version of the Mountain from Game of Thrones, Gabi Garcia. 


See that? That means that Cyborg's sparring sessions are literally tougher than any opponent she will ever face in the cage. To be honest here, I believe that she could even beat Gabi in an actual MMA match solely because I am not sure that even Gabi could take a punch from her, based on previous fights. That fight will never happen though. 

Anyway, here is a live look at me vs my home remodel:


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