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It's finally over.

After months of waiting in anticipation, the Floyd/Conor circus has finally left town. We have been saying since it was announced that it was going to go down EXACTLY as it it did. I think the only difference is that we called round 9 instead of round 10. I legitimately can't believe the amount of people that drank the Kool-Aid on this fight. Conor didn't even really think he was going to win this fight, but he made you all believe he was. 

Do you know why Usain Bolt is so good at the 100 yard dash? Because that's all he does. He doesn't run the 200, 400, mile, or anything else. To think that someone who is not a boxer was going to walk in and beat an undefeated 15 time world champion at his own game is just insane. Did he do decent? Sure. He lasted longer than I expected and he landed a few legit shots. However, this was what Floyd was planning the entire time. Let him gas himself out after 4 rounds and then beat the brakes off of him. Did Floyd plan on catching that uppercut in round 1? Of course not. But that also showed him what Conor's power (or lack of) was going to be like during the fight. There were so many things working against Conor for this fight (Including the judges) that I wouldn't even bet he wins this 1 out of 100 times. 

First, he isn't a boxer. Which was painfully obvious by his lack of understanding of the rules. Second, the gloves are twice as heavy as he is used to in the UFC (8 oz vs 4 oz), which will get heavy after a while. Third, the body expels heat through the head, hands, and feet. Conor is used to being barefoot with open fingered gloves, now he has shoes on and closed gloves. He lost 4/5 ways to expel heat which he is absolutely not used to. Fourth, Conor's max fight time is 25 minutes which he only hit once in a majority decision win over Nate Diaz where he looked absolutely horrible after 15 minutes. This fight would have maxed out at 36 minutes, and he was at 28:05 when he finally went down. And finally the judges were never going to let him win. 2 out of 3 judges ONLY gave him round 1. Anyone watching knows that Floyd gave him the first 3 rounds, but those judges were not having it. If this fight would have gone to decision Conor was losing no matter what and not because of his performance, but because those judges were full of shit. 

I think this scene from Fast and Furious pretty much sums up the fight. 

Now the question is, does Conor come back to MMA? I say no for a few reasons. This payday was by far bigger than any MMA payday. The UFC simply can't afford him. Why on Earth would he come back after a 100 million dollar payday to risk injury for $5 million? I just don't see it. Not only that, if the UFC did raise his payday, then other fighters are going to demand more money. One of the main reasons the UFC was able to survive as long as it has (mainly through the earlier times) was because they kept fighter paydays reasonable. Obvioulsy it's a 4 billion dollar company now, but if they want to keep their profit margins wide, they have to continue to keep fighter pay reasonable. Personally I think anyone on a UFC contract deserves to have a living wage, or retainer fee, plus a fight purse, but that is a blog for another time. The other reason I think he isn't coming back is the one everyone is probably sick of hearing; he hasn't ever defended a belt. Why start now? He's the king of Dublin. At least we are getting GSP back soon. 

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