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Can we talk about Brock vs Jon Jones for a second?

My last post (I know, I need to be blogging more, home remodel is kicking my ass) talked about the return of Brock Lesnar and how it was extremely unlikely due to his frozen suspension. Well the internet is stupid and decided it is true and he is coming back (He isn't, not this year) and fighting none other than Jon Jones


Me being the MMA purist that I am , I absolutely hate this idea. There are rumors that the WME is having some issues hitting it's projected numbers and are throwing the playbook out the window in order to make some quick serious cash. 

Regardless of the rumors, facts are facts. One is that Brock cannot return until 2018, so cool your jets. Another is that the idea that both of these clowns could make it to a fight without pissing hot is a Vegas gamble in itself. Would WME make some serious money if this fight happened? Probably. But how much would WME lose promoting this fight just for Jon Jones to go on a bender with some fake boner pills, or Brock to forget he was taking tainted hits form his inhaler? Risk vs reward my friends, and I don't see this being a smart gamble at all. Then again, I play it safe which is why I never hit a big jackpot. 

The stats:

Jon Jones is 6'4, 205 LBS with a 84.5" reach. He has only one loss on his record, and everyone knows it was a bullshit loss. So he could honestly be considered undefeated, and as much as I don't like the guy I can't argue that he is one of the GOATs in the cage. Jon just got his BJJ blue belt and was a high school state champ wrestler, but has proven in the cage that he is a natural fighter. 

Brock Lesnar is an inch shorter and significantly heavier, coming in at the limit of 265 lbs, and 3 inches shorter on the reach. Brock is also 10 years older. Brock is one of the greatest collegiate wrestlers of all time, but is absolutely horrible in the cage. 

I can't believe I am actually saying this, but if this fight were to happen I assume Jones would walk in at 230 minimum, still giving up 35 lbs to Lesnar. After careful consideration in my head over this (Really more like 5 minutes of day dreaming), I have to give this fake fight to Jones. 

In all fairness, Jones' only real adversary is himself. I don't even know what DC is going to be able to do this Saturday...Assuming the fight even happens at this point. 

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