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August 26th can't get here fast enough.

It's going to be a long 5 weeks for fans of actual MMA. 2 days of the Mayweather/McGregor circus are in the books, and if you want to find literally ANYTHING else MMA related you have to dig deep. I've been watching, and it seems ridiculous to me that people are buying into this shit so much. You watch the press conferences, and Floyd just sits there while Conor runs his mouth and waits for his turn to do the same, and then Conor sits there. These guys know exactly what they are doing, and everyone else is just eating out of their hands. Something I did notice was when Floyd wrapped the flag around himself and Conor picked up Floyd's bag of money, Conor flinched first. Conor said he wasn't going to give the money back until Floyd put the flag down, but Conor actually gave in and put the bag back long before Floyd handed the flag back to him, then Conor throws the flag at him to get the crowd all riled up. I haven't seen anything this tansparent since I got my new windows installed last month. 

But it's working. 

My Facebook feed is full of people coming out of the woodwork for this fight. The Conor train is taking on new passengers at every stop and all of them are handing Floyd the money for their ticket. I feel like if they ever made a movie about this, it should star Damon Wayans, Samuel L Jackson, Jamie Foxx, and Jeff Goldblum. Oh wait...

I seriously can't wait for this fight to be over. Honestly, if the bell rang for round one and a meteor crashed into the T-mobile center before they even exchanged punches, I would be ok with that. We have UFC 214 right around the corner, and no one cares. DC v Jones 2 is finally happening, and not one person is talking about it. Everyone is saying that conor is P4P the greatest shit talker of all time. really? The Diaz bros invented that game. Chael was able to talk better game without ever yelling into a microphone. DC and JJ talking shit when the cameras weren't supposed to be rolling. All of that paved the way for this loud mouthed leprechaun. 

Do you realize that not only is the PPV gonna run you $100, but to see it live the tickets are anywhere from $500 - $100,000?

I feel like this entire scenario could be a sub plot for Idiocracy 2. 

At yesterday's presser, Conor said this: 

Someone's 0 must go? Did Conor forget about getting choked out by Diaz or Duffy? Maybe he forgot about that kneebar from Sitenkov. Or maybe he is referring to both the 0s in his 0-0 boxing record...

Floyd has 49 boxing matches. Floyd has never been defeated. Floyd has defended multiple belts. 

Conor has 24 MMA fights. Conor has been defeated 3 times. Conor has NEVER defended any of the belts he has earned. 

Stay Woke. 

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